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I love the creation, the friendship, the challenge, the freedom and ability to be anyone or anything you want to be and bring your favorite characters to life.

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So I couldn't help but notice, in a totally nonchalant manner, that you have a pretty large bust? I was just wondering how you bind? I feel like my binding method doesn't quite do it for me anymore. I'm a D so I feel your pain.

Aw, man. Yeah, it sucks. :C

Some of my older crossplay pictures, my bust was smaller so I just bound really tightly with ACE bandages. I’m a cup size bigger now though ugh. So if I want to crossplay, my first thought is to pick costumes with loose enough clothes to help me disguise the curve (for instance, my Mello cosplay includes the jacket at all times precisely so I can use it to hide my boobs haha). I use a waist cincher (got mine from Wal-Mart for like $12), as small as you can get it so when you clip it shut, it compresses your boobs. Usually, that and a tight sports bra, when the clothing is loose, will do enough to help you disguise the curve. It’s still there, but the clothes will help the illusion! If you want to go a step further and really bind down, use ACE bandages, wide as you can buy them. I have 4” width rolls, and I use two of them. Unfortunately, that really hurts the ribcage, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it long or you’ll be really sore. You might have a harder time if you breathe with your chest; try breathing lower, from your diaphragm, and it won’t be a problem. 

One last way is sports tape binding. It’s harder to do but more comfortable and way more flattening. Basically, you use sports tape to pull your boobs up and to the side, away from the center of your chest, and anchor the tape on your back and shoulders. That’s what people do for open-chest binding, but it works for anything, and it’s more comfortable on your ribs since it’s only compressing the fat, not your bones. It is more time consuming though, and be careful taking it off! The tape can hurt, so just take it slow. If you’re interested in that method more, I can totally give you a full description. :)

I hope that helped!