☼ Tora is a fish, who also happens to make (and then proceed to prance about in) various cosplays. ☼

I love cosplaying.
I love the creation, the friendship, the challenge, the freedom and ability to be anyone or anything you want to be and bring your favorite characters to life.

For anyone who is curious to know, I make all my costumes and style my own wigs, and I am more than happy to answer questions or just chat! Feel free to drop a line in my Ask at any time!

☼ Thank you for stopping by! ☼

Tora Fishes as femme!Thor ; Reinna as femme!Loki ; Mouse as femme!Captain America ; Mythril as femme!Bruce Banner ; Erin as femme!Hawkeye ; AnnalaFlame as femme!Coulson

at Fanime 2013

Photographer: Trelyon